Feature request- suppress contact form on web widget


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  • Tony Roma
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    Placing the web widget in-app is a great way to offer support docs to customers right where they need them. In our case, we only provide email support to customers with paid plans, so we haven't been able to use the widget because the contact form cannot be disabled.

  • Debbie Guskin
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    Like Emma, our web form collects information necessary to ticket prioritization and boosting agency efficiency. We also have a closed zendesk, so even if we install the current widget we can't use it due to the contact form being broken.

    It would be great if this beta had one of two options:

    1. Suppress the contact form. I'm kind of surprised the beta has options to suppress almost all of the fields except the contact form. I tried to suppress the button with these options but it did not work:

    helpCenter: {
    messageButton: {
    suppress: true

    2. Provide an onclick option for the contact form "messageButton" element. With an onclick option we can redirect our customers to the URL of our regular ticket form (for Emma's and my zendesk's use-case) or to the URL of a mailto address (for Tony's use-case). I tried this but it did not work:

    document.getElementById("messageButton").onclick = function () {
    location.href = "URL or mailto";}



  • Jason Ellis
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    I agree, we really want to use this but with a closed zendesk and no ability to hide the contact form then we cannot use this as is.

  • Erica Wass
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    Hi all:

    We have additional work we are planning to enhance the contact form in the Web Widget for many of the use cases you all have mentioned but, in the meantime, I just added an entry to the Web Widget customizations beta docs in the Suppress object that details how you can suppress the contact form. Please let me know how it works for you.

  • Debbie Guskin
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    Thanks Erica! I'm looking forward to the enhancements, but in the meantime the suppression of the contact form allows us to finally deploy the widget to our site. Thanks again for your efforts.


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