Feature request - "view more" results, and enable multiple contact options


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    Erica Wass
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    Hi Martin:
     View More results is now live in the Web Widget, the ability to offer the option to create a ticket even when chat agents are available is in development.

  • Erica Wass
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    Hi Andrew:

    Thanks for writing! Good news is that we are planning for both of these features. I don't have ETAs yet but a view more button to expand to 9 matching results and a way for customers to force a choice of channel (email and chat, currently) are being actively worked on.

  • Martin Sachs
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    Any updates here Erica?  Not being able to easily link to the full Help Center from a primary button in the widget is holding us back from utilizing it.  

  • Mariano Yepes
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    Cant find any documentation about the "view more" feature. You have lanched and then removed it?


    The documentation link is broken https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/236371967


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