Help Center - improve 'was this article helpful' and allow user to leave reasons

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  • Alejandro Colon

    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thank you for responding.

    Is it possible for you to add that as an official response?

    Sometimes, it is hard to find a Zendesk response in all of the comments on a post. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    I don't feel that this meets the criteria for which we usually use the official response function. But to identify Zendesk responses, you just look for the little person icon on the avatar. 

    We will be updating our badges in the community in the near future with the release of the Gather badging EAP, and that should give better visual cues to which responses are from Zendesk. 

  • Allen Lai

    Still amazes me that this hasn't been addressed yet. Such an integral part of Guide that without it, renders the downvotes practically useless.

  • Allen Lai

    I was thinking of adding some javascript where it would automatically create a ticket and populate it with some metadata such as the article link and add a tag (e.g. "article-comment") so they don't get combined with the other tickets. Thoughts?

  • Samuel Mosher

    This would be super helpful to our team. While 3rd-party implementations exist, a native workflow in Zendesk that could be modeled similar to flagging would be very useful. Something like User rates -> User comments -> Guide admin converts comment to ticket -> Article is updated based on feedback. We do not use Gather (intentionally) so converting public comments is not a viable solution.

  • Christian Colding

    Thank you again Joel. I do think we are thinking in the same direction and this definitely helps me in understanding how this could help.

    Regarding how to collect feedback. Did you consider allowing customers to create a ticket for feedback instead? It could perhaps be a lightweight ticket form that you use, so people don't have to enter a lot, but you would receive them in your Zendesk and could create a view for them. I am most likely missing a use case here, so if this is something you've thought of before I would love hear whether that could work in your organization.


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