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  • Josh

    +1 - voicemail for an agent

  • Tiffany DelValle

    Hi Josh,

    We are having the same challenge in our call center.  When in queue, the supervisor gets the next call rather than the transfer when he or she goes into available. Feedback from @Zendesk on this issue would be great!


  • Debbie Singson

    I agree. There are many limitations with Talk and transferring calls has been a big frustration for us. We also really need extensions, so a call could go directly to an agent if the customer has worked with them before, or can easily be transferred me or one of my people - whether or not we are "online"!

    Second question. Why are Chat and Talk so different? They should have similar screens and similar ways of logging in and out, viewing stats, etc. They are two completely different programs. It is like they are coming to us from two different companies.

  • Darla Hurst

    There have been several times that I have tried to transfer a call to someone else and it does not work.  It has been a big problem where customers are use to being able to be transferred to the account managers that they are use to working with.   Being able to have extensions is a must for us.  

  • Jose Gonzales

    Hi everybody!

    So a work around that a  ZenDesk Talk specialist suggested works really well for us.

    I have created a secondary group for my team leads. This is their default group. When they are functioning as a normal agent they will have both their team lead and agent group active. 

    The team lead group is not assigned to any phone lines. When they need to accept an escalated call, an agent will chat them and the team lead will make themselves inactive in the agent group. They will then go available and can accept a transfer.

    It may sound like it is complicated or time consuming but this all takes seconds and has been a wonderful solution in the meantime. I hope this helps!


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing that solution, Jose!

  • Kasper B. Christensen

    Being able to transfer calls to offline agents is also something that we need in our call center. While Jose's solution works for a team lead group, our issue is not with transferring to team leads, but with transferring to offline agents in general.

    You can make a call out of Talk even if you're offline, so why can't you accept a transferred call if you're offline?

    What's the status on this?

  • Juan Espinosa

    Any updates on Kasper's question? 

  • Gabby Monahan

    any update on this? My team needs the ability to transfer to supervisors that are either in offline or away. It is a big pain point to have to go into on line and pray that a call doesn't come in in the meantime. (it has happened a few times). 


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