Need to capture all Community posts/responses - how can we do this?


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  • Mary Paez

    Format with Columns:  Title, Suggestion, URL of post

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    HeyO Mary,

    Depending on the number of posts you have, the API might be a quick way to handle this. I would recommend using the list-posts endpoints. You could test this out in your browser to see what the format looks like: . If you're doing this in a browser you'll want to install some sort of JSON-viewer extension to make the results a bit more readable. 

    Once you've got the JSON results from that, those could be converted to CSV (there are a few conversion tools online or you can do this with some custom-coding as well). 

    I'm afraid we don't have a quick way built into the product at the moment to export those Community posts in a nicely-formatted list like you're after. If that's a feature that would be of major use to you, I highly recommend posting that feature request to our Product Feedback Forums. These are reviewed regularly by our Product Managers when deciding which features to include in future versions of our software. By posting there, other people have a chance to vote in support of that idea which gives it additional weight in consideration for future development. I've often seen folks post workarounds/alternate methods for solving problems.


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