Display caller's number when forwarding to agent's phone

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  • Maria Karenda



    I was about to write exactly the same post myself. 


    Our account managers have their phone calls routed to their mobile phones and instead of knowing who is calling they must ask who it is on the other side. We need to find a solution to this because it looks quite unprofessional when the customer's personal account manager doesn't know who they are.


    We as well had this functionality previously with Natterbox and I'm hoping this is something that will be added soon.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Rob. We'll be interested to hear whether this is important to other users as well. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing, all. We've flagged this for the appropriate product managers to read, and they'll follow up if they have questions. Other users are welcome to continue sharing their thoughts and voting as well. 

  • Jordan Brown

    This feature is standard with most phone providers, or at least an option to toggle the feature on/off.

  • Jessica Bernier


    This is an important feature that we need to have as missed calls need to go to voicemail and we need to be able to call them back and they do not always leave a call back number. I would recommend adding the contact number as whom is calling and having a "company name" as Zendesk.

  • Russell Fewing

    This feature is extremely important for us as agents working on mobile phones are no longer able to identify who the customer calling them is.

    The result is that customers are greeted with generic "can I ask who is calling" and the automatic support entitlement check cannot be carried out.

    Please see if this feature can be added (ideally as an option)


  • Hunter Heaivilin

    Not knowing who is calling through significantly decreases the utility of this service. Additionally, since there are often delays in voicemail notifications it can take time to learn who called and what they wanted.  This issue ismake or break for my use of this feature. Please patch!

  • Eckhard Doll

    I can only second what has been written above. Would be a great addition!

  • Esther Chang

    I was looking for a solution on this and found this post. Please do consider to add this function on Talk. Really important!!

  • Tyler

    Please this is an important feature!
    the reason I have 99% of the calls go to voicemail when away from the desk is because we cannot identify the caller.

    We are not sitting in front of the browser all day and typically are "working"
    Either create TALK into the support or separate mobile app (doubt it as this has been a request for years and your hands are tied with twilio being the provider) or add this functionality of caller ID (NOT THE ZENDESK NUMBER ONLY)


    Please and Thank you

  • Michael Rieder

    We strongly agree with this requirement.

    Classic standard phone system are able to display always the original caller ID even when the call is forwarded through different units.

    It is a standard like how the numbers are arranged on a dialing display or an e-mail-adress contains always an @.


    Nicole S.

    Please read also the conversation with your support team: #5210469 


  • Malvika Kaushal

    We really need this feature as well. We are trying to find hacks around it as we don't know who is calling us when calls get forwarded from Zendesk.

  • John Barrett

    I concur with the others.  We have agents dedicated to clients who, in the past, had their mobile numbers so our agents would know who was calling before the picked up.  It is a nice touch to answer "Hi Betsy" instead of "this is (agent's name)".  It also gave the agent a bit of time to mentally prepare for who they would be speaking with....e.g. recount previous communications and the situation they are trying to solve for the caller.

  • Chris Pietretti

    This is a crucial feature that I would think would be the norm to include for a system such as this. Has there been any update to implementing something like this?

  • Brandon Duchesne

    Please add this feature. Not everyone uses the browser to answer calls! In fact, I think using a regular phone is easier.


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