Requiring a ticket attachment if a particular dropdown option is selected

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  • CJ Johnson

    Update: I have a working solution for my comment above! 

    First, I totally didn't realize that Fikri had already posted what I asked about above. Minus that final bracket, it's a perfect working code example of requiring an attachment on a form, period, no other field requirements. Fikri Akbar Hedianto sorry to ping you about a year old comment on a Zendesk article but your comment on this saved me hours of work and headaches, you are my hero this week!! 

    Second, I am not confident the more official code example in the guide still works. I tried so many things to get it to work but also consistently got that 'formAttachmentDropdownClass is not defined', and while I'm an absolute beginner at javascript, I gotta say that I don't think it's an implementation issue, I can't see anywhere that it's being defined, either. 

    Fortunately for me, and possibly for whoever is reading this comment, you can still use Fikri's code to require an attachment on a form because it never references that class, because a dropdown isn't needed for that version. 

  • Patrick Lieu

    Is there a way to force an attachment for only when a specific field is selected (and not from the intital form selection)?


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