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  • Prakruti Hindia
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    Hi Melody,

    Which SLA metrics would you use for your agents? Metrics related to the volume of chats served, response etc per individual agent is available 1 day later in Analytics and Insights

    - Prakruti



  • Tariq Punjabi
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    Hey Prakruti,


    Just came across this article. Apologies in advance if the thread has been picked up elsewhere.

    One of the SLA metrics that we need would be response(chats served). For example, if one of our SLA is, that 90% of the chats should be responded (first response) within 30 seconds, we currently cannot track it in real time and make real-time changes to hit these SLA's. If we can have visibility, as we have for chats, wait time, response time, etc. that would be really great. 



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