When you turn on the cookieLaw settings, the chat says "Chat Disabled", this suggests it's not available at all. GDPR


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Jolien,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how the chat button should behave when the cookie law mode is turned on for the widget.

    Currently, we are monitoring feedback on this request as more businesses are getting ready for GDPR. If/when we decide to change the current behaviour, we will let you know here.


  • Tim Crull
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    We need this, too, and urgently. On enabling the Cookie Law settings our chat requests went waaay down and haven’t recovered. We primarily blame this on the misleading wording “Chat disabled” (“Chat deaktiviert” in German).

    The established methods to change the title through the API, for example …


    … don’t work here. Come on guys, this can’t be that hard to implement. For us the widget is as good as broken and I can’t see a reason why we should continue paying for three agents and not look for alternatives.


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