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    Jeremy Seow

    Hey Jessica,

    I'm glad to say that this functionality to track the acceptance rates of an agent has been planned and will be coming soon really soon as part of a reporting upgrade to analytics. Stay tuned!

  • Lila Kingsley

    Hi Zendesk, this appears to be live now, I see acceptance rate for the account under Analytics>Chat Reports and agent under Analytics>Agent Reports>Activity Breakdown>Leaderboard. 

    The agent value is a percentage along with a number in parenthesis.  I assume the number in parenthesis is a count including served + proactive, joined, accepted transfers, as well as manual initiations (based on your accepted chats definition in the glossary ( 

    Is this assumption accurate?  Our per agent acceptance count is slightly higher than served, and we don't allow proactive or manual "pick ups", and have advised agents to not transfer.  So I assume this would mean the difference for us would be joined chats??

  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Lila,

    You can have an Acceptance count higher than a served count.  

    Served Chats are ones where the agent responds to the chat. However, accepted chats are not necessarily also served.  An agent can click on the assigned chat, but if they do not responds it will not be counted as served.  

    So if an agent accepts 10 chats, but responds to 5 and transfers the other 5 before responding, they will only only 5 served and 10 accepted.


  • Ahmed Mahmoud

    But here what are the reasons that causing decrease in acceptance rate 

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Ahmed Mahmoud,

    Appreciate the question on some of the product choices regarding acceptance rate changes. I've linked an article below that covers this topic in more detail, but I would recommend posting your use case in our product feedback forums so our developers can understand the impact this is having. 

    Why is there a discrepancy between accepted and served chats?

    Best regards.


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