Create a Metric Total time Spend multiply by 1,1 ?

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  • Amy Dee

    Hi Alexandre! Up front, there is a slight issue in the metric. It is taking a result in seconds, dividing by 60 to get minutes, dividing by 60 again to get hours, then dividing by 7 instead of 24 to get days. Is that intentional? If not, you may need to adjust that number within the metric. If so, you may want to consider labeling the results as "business days" for clarity.

    As for adding 10% to your time, you have a couple broad options. You could just add it to the conversions inside the existing metric: ...) /60/60/7*1.1 WHERE... That would be a quick and easy way to adjust the results, but it would be baked into the metric.

    You could also create a separate metric that adds 10%. This would be the better option if you need different offsets for different situations, since it preserves the original value. That metric would look something like this: SELECT Total time spent (days) *1.1

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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