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    Hannah Meier
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Dmitrijs,

    Are you reporting on new custom ticket fields? If so, you'll need to create a new Tickets dataset in order to see those new custom fields. You can create a new dataset by following these instructions.


    If this is not the case, please let me know, and I can help troubleshoot further.



  • Valerie Conlon

    The question was why are tags showing vs. field values?  I am having the same issue.

  • Hannah Meier
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Valerie,


    Thank you for your clarification. At the current stage, it is expected that custom ticket field values are displayed as tags in Explore. 

    Field values are recorded as the tags in the Support backend, that's why an additional value transformation needs to be implemented in Explore. This transformation will be developed in future, however, there is no ETA set yet. 

  • Amber Martin

    This is needed!

  • Hannah Meier
    Zendesk Team Member

    In the meantime, you can create a renamed set on your custom ticket field to show the values instead of the tags.

  • Puntip Asi

    Hi, I have the same issue, however I cannot access the renamed set linked article provided. Is there anyway to fix this?

  • Travis Rider
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hello Puntip!

    Looks like the article link was updated. :) Here is a link to the article for using a renamed set.


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