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  • Amanda Birch

    I would like to add to this that the ability to export to PDF would be beneficial to us as I produce reports for several different departments and these reports go higher up the management structure. These managers don't have access to Zendesk nor need it as they are only interested in the reports via email. Please can this be thought about as I will still have to use insights until something is done to address the lack of export.

  • Jeremy Heath


    You can just send the report to an Admin or Agent as pdf and then when its in the normal email system you can send it to who you like.

    Not a perfect solution agreed but its one way.

    I wish we had a report users tag or type of account that we could specify so they are within the system.

  • Amanda Birch

    Thanks Jeremy I will try that and see what it produces but agree that this should be simpler


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