Adding percents to a line graph of two data points

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  • Alex Endicott

    After additional thought, I believe I handled this issue. 

    The percents for the pie chart were being calculated via a + b / a and a + b / b, as one could expect. In order to get the line graph to function properly, I needed to calculate new metrics derived from the prior SLA metrics that would account for each percent. 
    From there, configure the report's How from Week (Sun-Sat)/Year (Event) as well as filtering for the desired range by  Week (Sun-Sat)/Year (Event). This then allowed me to have an 8-week report showing both percentage values. 

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    That's awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the solution Alex :)

    This will be super useful to others looking to run the same report.



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