Replacement app/method for Tag Warnings to alert agents about specific customers

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  • Devan
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    Hello Michael,

    So, unfortunately, the only other option would be to utilize custom code to accomplish this task. If you would like to pursue this route, I would recommend reaching to your account administrator to go about getting that process started for you.

  • Sharron Turner
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    I'm in the same situation as you seem to be in Michael. Tag Warnings was so handy and we're disappointed that the developer abandoned it.

    There is another app that MIGHT work for you (it wasn't what we needed though) which is worth checking out:

    This developer told me "The idea is to make the app have several fields where one or multiple tags can have a unique color/title configuration, and perform different actions within the app. " 

    I hope that helps some. I'm still looking for a replacement in the meantime...  :)






  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Thanks for sharing Sharron!


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