How to separate tickets raised by the client to tickets initiated by agents

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  • Graeme Carmichael
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    The user that created the ticket is the 'Ticket Submitter'. Unfortunately, there is no 'Ticket Submitter Role' to easily separate agents from end users.

    You could use a filter on ticket submitter then list your agents to find tickets created by agents on behalf of users. If you have a lot of agents or a high movement of agents that may not be workable.

    For tickets that end user have created you can use a custom metric:

    Or if you want to include both agent and end user created tickets in one report, you can use:


  • Jenna
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    i have 2 triggers that are sent when i create a ticket.  i need one of those to not be sent when I create it, only when the user creates it.  how the heck do i do that???

  • Gail L
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    Hi Jenna,

    One of the condition options in triggers is called Current User, and you can select end user or agent there. For the trigger that is sending out the content of agent created tickets use the condition Current User is Agent, for the end-user created tickets, add the condition Current User is End User. You can see some examples of these conditions in our default notify requester triggers.


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