Metrics changing when adding additional metrics

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  • Louise Dissing


    I just tried to create the same Query and came up with the same conclusion as yours - I'll stay here to see why this is happening! :-)

    But in the meantime, could you elaborate on why you'd want to see comments, agent comments and how many tickets are being solved?

  • Søren Reinewald

    Thanks for trying!


    I was not looking at comments in general to begin with, but was looking at number of agent comments pr. ticket, as we've recently changed our forms, to force our end users to provide us with more relevant information to be able to help them more efficiently from our side, and not have to ask several follow up questions after the ticket has been registered.

    Trying to benchmark these metrics, i noticed they were changing.

  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Søren,

    When looking at your original task, then you wanted to see the number of agent comments pr. ticket.
    I found you a solution for this in another post:

    When I try to add that logic to Explore I get this:

    When changing it a bit and adding ticket id as a column I get this result:


    But before you dig too deep into creating a lot of custom metrics and queries for this, then Zendesk might actually already have an answer for you from within here?:


    I hope this helps you to solve your initial issue! :-)


    Best regards

    Louise Dissing
    Support Team Leader

  • Søren Reinewald

    Hello Louise

    Thanks for helping out. However I run into the same issue with metrics changing when I add other metrics etc.


    In this case, I need to see number of agent comments compared to solved tickets pr. month.

    So when adding (COUNT) Tickets solved and (COUNT) Public comments i get 403 solved tickets. and 5.806 comments in total for august 2019...All good I guess

    I then add the filter Updater Role = Agent & Admin...Now all of a sudden my number of solved tickets are 224!

    If that number had to make sense, then 44% (404-179)/404 of our tickets this month did not have comments from an agent or admin, which I find very hard to believe.

    Or else I am just not understanding how this is supposed to work :-)

    The other screenshot you show, doesn't look like my Insights page...Perhaps I have an older version of Insights?

    Should I create a support ticket, or are these community posts monitored?


  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Søren,

    First of all - you are using Zendesk Explore, right? Zendesk' new awesome reporting tool that will be replacing Insights. You can find it up next to all the other products:


    Secondly - it sounds really frustrating for you to work with!

    I tried to work with some different angles of the report here:
    1. No updater role chosen:

    2. Updater role is admin or agent:


    Tickets solved and public comments changes. My thought here is that sometimes you could receive tickets that would just be auto solved and therefore the number of solved tickets will be lower as there's no agent updater and public comment.

    You could create a ticket if my above answer does not help you.

    But I hope my answer took care of it! :-)

    Best regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Support Team Leader

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Could your original question be, not so much a bug, but a whoopsie by Zendesk?

    First, rather that COUNT use DCOUNT for your original metrics.

    To show that there is a potential problem, I recreated your report.

    and adding the ticket solves changes the results as you have said:

    So lets duplicate the Zendesk provided metrics, but ensure the metrics are calculated separately.

    In the metric editor:

    And now all is well with the world:

    So either Zendesk have made this by design or have allowed the metrics to impact on each other.

    Zendesk would have to comment on that and explain why it has been set like this.



  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager


    The default aggregator for the Comments metrics is D_COUNT. This aggregator was set as default to avoid issues that you have experienced. So, the simplest solution is to use D_COUNT aggregator instead of COUNT. This article explains what is the difference between COUNT and D_COUNT -

    If you are curious to know why the Comments metrics are modified when the Tickets solved metric is added, here is a short explanation:

    • There are two data tables that you query at the same time in the above example. Comment metrics are from the Ticket updates table but Tickets solved metric is from the Ticket field changes table.
    • When you combine the metrics from two tables these tables are getting joined.
    • Each update has a number of field changes, that's why when you query this joined table and use the COUNT aggregator you count the comment IDs more than once, which increases the metric results.
    • When D_COUNT is used it counts the same comment ID only once, hence the results will be correct. 

    Graeme's suggestion will work too because by setting a metric to compute separately you will tell to the system to query that specific metric separately, which will avoid joining the tables and the results will be computed as if you had two different queries that are not connected. 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    In my example, I used DCOUNT in all metrics and still found changing results.  


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