Reporting on non-numeric items (just attributes) in Explore

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  • Kyle Jones

    Hey There Tara,

    From my understanding of Explore you would need some metric to measure the attributes by, as I've tried a bit on my end but I could not get this to render properly without adding metrics. The closest I could get to pulling org ID, much like you said, is still tied to tickets.

    If you're looking to pull a list of information this might be easier with an API call instead. For Organizations we have this documentation here:, and this API call should show you a list of your orgs with org info.

    There should be similar calls for Ticket IDs, and Users, but I'm not too sure if this would fit in your use-case.

    I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions it might be a good idea to send us a support ticket (to ) so we can work more closely with you on this!

  • Tara Papworth

    Thanks Kyle - we don't have the resources/skills for API calls at the moment so we're very much tied to reporting :(


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