Follow-up Tickets are Marked as Web Channel

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  • Selcuk Karpuz

    We also recently found out this problem in Zendesk and in our case, it's totally messing up with our pipeline.

    The reason is that we are triggering our back-end systems when there is a new `e-mail`. What happens when Zendesk sets the channel as 'web` for the follow up tickets, we can't process the tickets as `e-mail` and we can't assign them to the correct teams under our customer support.

    Could we please get a priority for this problem?



  • Philip Crump

    This is frustrating here too +1

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for your comments. We don't have anything to share at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that the product manager for this area has been notified about this conversation and is taking your feedback into account.

  • Shona Coutts

    I agree. We just started using the Widget and I pulled a query the other day for the first time and it was saying there was way more coming in via the Widget then was the case.

    It would make more sense if 'Follow Up' tickets had their own Channel.

    Or maybe have automated tags added to ALL channels confirming how they come in i.e. channel_widget; channel-followup; channel_email.  This would make it easier to report on.

  • Steve Lacoss

    On a follow-up ticket using internal note, use this placeholder {{ticket.description}}

    It should come back as "Closed Ticket".

    In your triggers add the following line. 

    This will remove follow-up tickets from the trigger perimeters. 

    Hope this helps. 


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