Chat SDK for Android - How to customize chat loading screen?

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  • Joey
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    Hi Togay-

    As far as I am aware, we only document how to change the chat_loading_message string itself. That said, in case a style, color, dimension or string you're looking to customize is not listed in the examples above you can still find all of the current values defined with Android Studio. More about that here.

  • Togay Han Kaya
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    Thank you for your response, Joseph.

    I've checked but I couldn't find a value to update "chat_loading_message" text color.

    I tried to update:




    colors also. It is still black.

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Togay. I'm circling back on this one...

    Turns out that this particular part has not been designed with customization in mind.

    The best approach would be to override zopim_chat_fragment.xml file with original content + desired modifications.

    Hope this at least sets expectations going forward for you.


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