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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Andrew,

    There are a few things that you could do here is that might be able to assist in getting close. 

    When a customer types into the subject field of your ticket form, Zendesk will show article suggestions which can recommend an article that would show them how to do the action they are requesting assistance with.  For direct questions like account deletion, this could work well.

    Alternatively, you could use the Answer Bot feature to watch for tickets that meet criteria like this and have Zendesk automatically respond back to tickets with possible article solutions that would provide customers with an answer and they could self-resolve any tickets they do submit. 

    Aside from the built in features, you could write custom code into your theme that watches for certain field values on your form and injects values into your form.  There are various examples that may give you some basic ideas on how you can do some minor adjustments to forms to change the structure.  They aren't to a level of depth for what you are looking for but maybe they can give you some basic ideas on how you might manipulate the page some. 


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