AVG Tickets per Organisation and % Difference from Average

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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    This sounds like fun. 

    Try this:


    • Ticket Created Date> In your preferred period


    • Ticket Organisation Name


    • D_Count(Tickets)

    To get the missing metrics, we create some special calculations.

    Go to Calculations>Fixed Calculated Metric> Use the advanced tab.

    First count all tickets for the duration of your query.

    Next find the count of organisations in your query.

    Add these metrics to your query:

    Finally, make your computation:

    Result Manipulation>Result Metric Calculation:


    You can modify that last calculation to follow your original format once you are happy that the figures are as expected.

    You can then hide the workings columns from your final table in  Chart Configuration>Columns



  • Kerry Charlton

    Hi Graeme,

    Thank you for this, you have made my afternoon :)


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