The ability to merge community posts / ideas

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Justyne -

    Ironically, we have an existing feedback thread about merging posts, and since I can't merge yours into it, I'm just going to politely ask if you would add your voice and vote to that thread so that we can help keep the conversation all in one place. I definitely feel your pain!

    Here's that conversation: Merging posts

    I'll also say that I know this is a request that the product team for Gather is aware of, and they're still thinking about it. One of the things they're trying to sort out is how one might go about merging the comments, for example, if they went in chronological order but were from two separate conversations, they might not make sense. But it would also be weird to have one set of comments in order followed by the other set... so something like comment threading might have to be considered for development ahead of merging posts so that the comments could be dealt with that way.

    At any rate, we'd love your thoughts in the existing thread. :)

  • Anderson da Silva

    For improve the discussion, the conversation about Comment threading


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