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  • Graeme Carmichael
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    As you have discovered, this is tricky because Zendesk to not provide first reply hour as one of the standard attributes in Explore. So unlike, say, first assigned date, you have to do the work.

    Use the Ticket updates dataset.

    Create a new metric:First Public Comment By Agent Time Ago


    Create a new attribute:First Public Comment By Agent Hour


    • Ticket Created Date> As you like


    • D_Count(Tickets Updated)
    • MAX(Fist Public Comment By Agent Time Ago)


    • First Public Comment by Agent Hour

    Result Manipulation

    • Chart configuration > Hide the column for First Public Comment By Agent Time Ago

    Under this definition, the first public comment by agent will include where the agent has created the ticket on behalf of the user with a public comment.

  • Chris Stock
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    Awesome, thanks Graeme I'll try it out.


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