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  • phil

    Egoriy Chabrovskiy did you get anywhere with this? We are in the same situation.

  • Reshma Patel

    This is definitely a big need for us. Are there any plans to have apis for custom metrics and elements available in explore so we can export this information into enterprise dashboards? There are custom metrics we will need to create but if there is no way to export that metric or data to an enterprise dashboard, we will have to start pulling and storing all the info into ticket fields in order to send that info elsewhere. 

  • Renars Vilnis

    Would be great if we could build queries up inside of zendesk and using an API get the results to create a custom dashboard display on a different corp website.

    Having to build and maintain a tool that downloads all the data and then would be able to do queries against seems like an overkill

  • Daniel Stefan

    We need the same thing. We applied for an EAP to share the Dashboard externally, but it's pretty rudimentary, you simply make an entire Dashboard accessible to the public. If you want to integrate that into an internal website, that's not really helpful.


    FYI in case it helps anyone around here:


  • Tyler Conlee

    +1 to this idea. Being able to query and request our dashboards via API would allow us to combine information from multiple sources, which is vital to compiling the entire picture of our team's performance. 

  • Rob Hood

    +1 here too.  Definitely needed!!

  • Oleg Balakirev

    Any news about this feature?


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