Disabling dashboard tickets

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  • Sebastian
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    PS: The thing is that some departments use the dashboard then as their normal ticket view, which shouldn't be the case. And it's not the best solution to have every ticket assigned to at least a group at all times.

  • Ingrid R.
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    Hi Sebastian,

    Unfortunately, there is no option to disable or hide the ticket's view from the Agent's dashboard. I have marked your post as a feedback to our Product Team, nonetheless.

    While we don't have any plans on changing it at this moment, I'd like to share that we've recently deployed the Agent Workspace that provides a new dashboard experience. If interested, get to know more about it here, please: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024218473-About-the-Zendesk-Agent-Workspace

    Hope this helps!

    Ingrid R. 
    Zendesk | Technical Support Engineer | EMEA


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