Calculated Attribute not working

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  • Hillary Latham
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    Hey Ryen, I'm not sure what is going on but I suspect there is some interaction between the attribute and the metric depending on what you are choosing to display in your query.  To troubleshoot further, you could maybe use a filter to show results by SLA metric and Ticket priority and just have your custom attribute calculation be based on the metric results to see if you can narrow down the issue?

    Another thing I thought of, depending on what you are trying to do, is simply to use the "Display format" to color your results rather than having to make a custom attribute.  I mocked something up that looks like this:

    To get the colors, go to Chart Configuration > Display format and choose "advanced" for your metric.  From there you can change the display as explained in this article:  For what I showed above, this is what my formula looks like:

  • Ryen Sadeque
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    Hillary Latham thanks for your thorough response and suggestion!

    You mentioned to just have the custom attribute calculation be based on the metric result - does this mean I should write something like this?

    IF SUM(% Achieved SLA tickets) > 0.9) THEN
    ELIF (SUM(% Achieved SLA tickets) < 0.9 AND SUM(% Achieved SLA tickets) > 0.5)) THEN
    "Partially Met"
    "Not Met"

    I have noted I get an error message from the above and am not sure why. Could you please assist further?

  • Hillary Latham
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    Hey Ryen - it looks like you have too many closed parenthesis in your formula, which is why there is an error.  Try this:


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