Some of our chats aren't getting the tags and department set by the javascript API

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  • Dean Kenny
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    Hi Scotty,

    I'd need more information, but it could be race conditions that are causing these rare occurrences.

    Have you reached out to our support team? :)



  • Scotty Loewen
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    Oh you can bet I have :) 

    Have you seen any behavior like this on your instance? Are you trying to set a department with the javascript code? Ours is not the simplest code, but is very linear. The way it's written, it shouldn't reveal the chat app until it verifies the department is online. My only theory so far is that the callback to set the department is delayed and the chat is assigned before the department is set, closing the window for the department being set. We are using the assignment distribution, not broadcast. I don't know what I can do about a race condition like that. I don't know of any check I can do to slow down the assignment until the department is set. 


    I'm also interested in examples of how folks log the performance or the exceptions of their chat apps. 


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