SLA possible?

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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    This is something we're actively investigating. How would you envision this working for your teams, and what are you trying to accomplish in particular? I'd love to hear some more details about this.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Toby,


    the easiest answer is, that the Requester will be handle like an End-User Role.

    Our measurements should be the same if internal or customer contact us, they should get an Reply.

    Right now:

    -> we only use Agent Work Time for tickets and Pausable Update.


    Pausable Update will show up again, even if we reply.


    Problem 2:

    If we only enable Agent Work Time, it show for example "7 days" in queue, and Agent´s will ignore this Child Ticket for long time.

    Even the sorting in View "based on SLA" will put all other ticket higher...


    So we can have two things:

    a) We add First Reply / Next Reply SLA to these tickets and requester role like Enduser

    b) We get in a view some "sort Child Tickets" as highest priority.

    But I more like a) that our Teamleader can measure internal work with KPI goals.





  • Eric Kramer

    SLAs for child tickets would be AMAZING!

    We have numerous scenarios where one support team needs to escalate issues to another team.  This child ticket functionality will be fantastic for that, but we need a way to keep track of SLAs for internal teams as well.

    Currently, the child ticket SLA gets treated as if an agent just sent a public reply when the conversation gets updated via the parent ticket. Technically this is true, but this update satisfies the FRP and NRP SLAs which messes the SLAs up. If an internal user opens a child ticket, we still need to have a first reply time on the child just like we would if the ticket was opened by an external user. Likewise, when someone responds to the conversation via the parent, it needs to trigger the next reply SLA.

    My vote would be that updates to child tickets via the side conversation dialog affect the child ticket the same way as end-user updates affect normal tickets.

  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Tobias Hermanns and Eric Kramer thanks for the feedback on using SLAs with child tickets. We've been experimenting with this recently. Here's how things are currently set up:

    • With the addition of "Side conversation" as a channel type, SLAs can be configured with conditions that include that channel, such as "Group is Finance and Channel is Side conversation" which would essentially be setting up an internal SLA (OLA)
    • Child tickets matching these conditions would invoke that SLA
    • We've then suppressed comments coming from the requesting agent as counting toward the reply metrics

    This also allows views to be configured with the channel type of "Side conversation" as a condition to show something like "Open child tickets sorted by next SLA breach" or something along those lines.

    Eric, I'm going to look into suppressing any comment coming into the child ticket from the side conversation dialog as counting toward the SLA reply metrics like you suggested. That was my original thought as well, but I'm going to need to check if the code is actually doing that currently.

    In general, does this sound like it's going in the right direction?

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Toby,


    sounds good, will it be also vice versa.


    If Child Ticket Assignee reply to requester (L1 Agent) for example, can this enable a SLA on Parent Ticket like (Next Reply SLA) that the Original Assignee will forward / check comment quick enough and roll-out to customer instead of Agent Work Time is running, due to case change to Open by Trigger?



  • Eric Kramer

    Thanks for the update, Toby.

    I believe the changes you've described are exactly what we are needing.

    As a side question, when you say "We've then suppressed comments coming from the requesting agent as counting toward the reply metrics", is this only for side conversations, or would this apply to all tickets? I could see how this would be beneficial for all tickets, not just tickets opened via side conversations.  In general, we don't want the requester to satisfy the SLA metrics, even if they're an agent.


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