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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Yes, we'll be working on this. Out of curiosity, are you and your agents finding it more common to want to assign a child ticket directly to agents rather than to groups? Our expectation based on initial conversations with customers was that groups would be much more common, but I'd love to hear how your workflows are shaking out.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Toby,


    we have both use cases.


    Case #1 - Group

    Need to get a flow like Level 2 to Level 3 Team, in this case, we put it into a Group but even the SAME Group like "Germany Location" (this include L1-L3 Team) from this group, we´re using tags (need by escalation via Trigger) to let our Round Robin App take it from a View.

    So use case Trigger:

    - Side Conversation is Created

    - Group is "Campus Germany"

    - Agent Name is (L2 Agents)


    Add Tag (need go to L3 Agent)



    Show Ticket Open / New

    With Tag need go to L3 Agent

    Group Campus Germany

    This will route the ticket to right Agent with good Load Balancing.


    Use Case #2 - To Assignee

    We´re working multibrand and multi-language, our Helpcenter habe 18 active languages, so our Teams are across Europe, but our strategy Campus is Germany.

    So if we i.e. receive local language "Amazon Reviews / Ratings" we´ll do a Google Translation first in their local language and use Side-Conversation to create a Ticket to dedicated People in other countries for language review.

    In that case, the people for this task are 100% known and will be direct assignment (was before a Skype / Teams / Slack message).

    So we wil use i.e. "Turkish Campus / Agent for Amazon" which is known before.


    Thank you for helping to achieve our needs.




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