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  • Laura Ragsdale

    Hi Matt!  We're a Zendesk services partner, and we have a team of Explore consultants that would love to work with you.  Please email me directly at laura@goenvoy.co, and we can set up some time to talk in more detail.  

    More information about us can be found on our website.

    Talk soon!


  • Zara Grewal

    Hey Matt,

    There sure is and we'd love to help! We're successCX, Select Zendesk Partners specialising in all things Zendesk ;) 

    You can contact me on zara.grewal@successcx.com for more information or connect with me on LinkedIn

    Have a great day!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    HI Matt, 

    Just confirming that both of these are legit Zendesk partners. You can find their listings (as well as those of other Zendesk partners who may be able to help you) in the Zendesk Marketplace's partner directory. 

    Here's SuccessCX's listing and here's Envoy's

    Zara Grewal and @..., for future reference, we prefer that you link to your partner listing in the marketplace so that users know you're a legit partner. This also protects your email address, since this is a public forum. 

  • Zara Grewal

    Noted! Thanks Nicole Saunders

  • Matt

    Thanks everyone!


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