Convert web URL to hyperlink in Section page description


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  • PROVENTIC **** EMEA Reseller Partner
    Community Moderator

    Hi Frances

    Zendesk doesn't support any HTML tags in the description, so URL's etc won't work. The same with linebreaks.

    You could add some javascript to the guide template that picks up on URLs and other keywords and transform them when the page renders. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer and can't help you with the actual code. A drawback to this would be that if the script fails for some reason your description would look strange to the end-user.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Frances,

    1. You'd most likely need to set this up through custom code in the Guide theme editor as the description field will not render hyperlinks as you described.

    2. This would also need to be applied using custom code in your Guide theme. Perhaps other users can jump in here and offer some guidance as custom code is outside our scope of support here on the Community Team.

    I've also attached some useful customization resources for you that may help:


  • Frances Ramos

    Hello Carsten and Brett!

    Sorry for the late response but thank you truly for your suggestions.

    We won't be pushing through with this for now but hopefully, this feature will be included to the next product updates. :)


    Thank you once again for your help!



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