Can we exclude chats from survey being sent based on the tags?


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  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Isabel,

    With email tickets you can use tags exclusions in the automation sending the survey out, but in chat the option to rate chats is currently either enabled or disabled (it isn't granular). You'd have to disable the rating option in the chat widget settings and send email follow up surveys about the chat tickets instead in order to limit chatters ability to rate the conversations. 

  • Nicereply

    Hello Isabel,

    there's an option to set up a process that will automatically create a ticket in Zendesk support after you close a chat. Then you can add specific tags to these tickets and filter your surveys according to these tags. Nicereply is one of the survey solutions that offers options to filter surveys by a specific tag. You can learn more about the solution here.


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