Displaying Last Edited Date in Guide Search Results

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  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator

    Thanks for this Kenneth Nuckols, this makes much more sense for us than the creation date which is misleading in thinking an article is too old / invalid. 

  • Angela Frey

    When I put the Last Updated text in before the li class, the font came through larger than the date.

    Last Updated: <li class="meta-data">{{date edited_at timeago=true}}</li>

    To keep the same formatting for the text and the date, I just reordered the text:

    <li class="meta-data">Last Updated {{date edited_at timeago=true}}</li>

  • Dawn Phelps

    Thanks so much for figuring out this workaround! Our HC was set up to default to pull in metadata updates, which mean nothing to our end-user so it was great to fix to true last edit date.


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