Does "Time Spent Per Update" include time spent on phone?

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  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk team member

    Hi João! Is the "Time Spent Per Update" value coming from the Zendesk Time Tracking app? If so, it can capture the agent's time on the call, but it depends on the workflow.

    The Time Tracking app runs a timer while the agent has a ticket open in their browser. When the agent submits an update, the app adds the time to a pair of ticket fields. The key detail here is that the agent needs to submit an update. If the agent navigates away from the ticket without saving any changes, then the time isn't recorded.

    For the scenario you described, where the agent opens the ticket, places the call (with the ticket open), and then submits an update, the Time Tracking app should capture that handle time. If the agent finishes the call and closes the ticket without another update, though, the handle time would be lost.

    This type of reporting can be tricky, since ticket handling and talk time are independent, and they rely on human behavior. That said, as long as your agents follow the example scenario, you should be fine to use the Time Tracking metric on its own without adding any call time. 

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

  • João Catarino

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your reply! 

    I'm not sure I understand how the Call interaction is logged in a ticket. Does it not count as a ticket update?

    When an agent places an outbound call, whether it is successful or not, there is a call record logged in the ticket - is there a way I can access this log?

    Thank you for your time.



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