What chat package can use websdk?

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  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Bom Proapp,

    The Chat Web SDK is used for building a hand-written, custom Chat web widget.

    However, for most customers, using the regular Zendesk Web Widget with its ability to be customized is enough. The "zE('webWidget:on', ...)" code that you reference is part of Zendesk Web Widget, not the Chat Web SDK -- they are two different things.

    Also, if you are developing solutions for the Zendesk platform to sell, I suggest you get a "sponsored" account, which avoids having to pay for accounts or set up trials that are used for development and testing purposes only. You can find more information here: Request a sponsored test account.

    I hope that clarifies and provides some additional ideas -- if more information is needed or this doesn't answer the question, please me know!


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