First contact Resolution on Talk Tickets

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  • Leah
    Zendesk Voice of Customer Team

    Hey David, 

    Thanks for the feedback! I love all the detail you provided already so thank you for that. I want to be sure I'm getting the full goal/impact right here when I discuss this with the product team. 

    Can you discuss in more detail the importance of keeping the call within the same ticket? Am I correct in saying that the problem is that you want to be able to identify where you might have prematurely solved tickets and not fully addressed the customers need but with Talk, it's not easy to do that because you can't see when someones calling back about the same thing is that right?

    Thanks so much for the additional context! 


  • Marguerite Cummings

    Besides the scenario you outlined of a prematurely closed ticket, there is the additional scenario of playing phone tag. The customer calls in and does not get an agent but leaves aa voicemail. The agent calls the customer back but they are unavailable or it goes to their voicemail. The next time the customer tries to reach the agent on the original issue, it opens a new ticket.

  • David Wa

    Hey Leah,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I'm basically taking the same workflow used in email channel. 

    example: If I solve a ticket via email and that triggers an additional response from a customer, a new ticket is not created if the ticket status is not yet closed. Instead, the original ticket is reopened and therefore fails the first contact resolution KPI or "one-touch" if I provide a new response. 

    With talk tickets, if I solve the ticket and a customer returns later with a follow-up call about the same case, a new ticket is created regardless of the existing ticket status. If the initial ticket created is open, a new one is created for every call. 

    I understand your point regarding not being able to really know if a customer is calling back about the same case, but the same could be said about an email, but we make the assumption that is is about the same query. A second contact on the same ticket results in failed first contact resolution. 

    The main purpose here is to gather better contact resolution stats on talk tickets. It's not possible to measure this in the same way on talk tickets as email tickets because a new ticket is created every time on talk tickets, meaning we have 100% first contact resolution even though we know that's not the case. 

    We use an automation to close tickets that have not been reopened after a certain amount of time. If a ticket is closed, I would then expect a new one to be created. In the email workflow, if a customer is responding to a closed ticket a follow-up ticket is generated. However, this would not be possible with talk tickets because there's no reference to the closed ticket when calling in. 


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