Using Custom Date attributes to calculate age

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  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Dylan, thanks for writing! I don't think I have a solution, but I might be able to help you pin down where this is going wrong.

    I created a similar metric to you using one of the built-in attributes:

    DATE_DIFF(TODAY(),[Ticket created - Date],"nb_of_days")

    I then added this to the metrics panel with the aggregator SUM and sliced it by ticket ID. This gave me believable results.

    (it's a test lab, so the numbers are quite high).

    This makes me think that Explore is doing what it should be doing here and there may be a problem with the custom field. Have you tried just creating a query on the custom field to see what's being reported by that. I'm speculating a little, but wondering if the output from the custom field is somehow incompatible with the DATE_DIFF. I hope these ideas help a little!


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