cannot change photo in user profile

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  • Amie B

    Hey Joe,

    There's a setting within Zendesk Support which you can check for this and enable if it's not currently enabled. 

    Navigate to Admin > Settings > Customers > Allow users to view and edit their profile data 

    If the above settings are not enabled, it's most likely why your end-users are not able to update their photo. 

    Hopefully, this does the trick for you. Let us know how you go. :)



  • uncle_joe

    Thank you Amie!

    We use SSO so although it works I had to adapt it a litte.

    We didn't want people changing their name or email (as they're set by their WP login) after we turned on the editing function, so I simply hid those fields on the EDIT PROFILE form. 

    Seems to work fine now :)


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