Thread ticket based on ticket number in the Subject

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Steven Aranaga,

    The only thing I can think of is to grab the Encoded ID of a Zendesk ticket which is hiding in the text of the emails Zendesk sends. It's hidden text... literally... and it can be dangerous to tap into it but if your company decides it's worth the risk, you can technically feed them the Encoded ID somehow.

    Pull the Zendesk email for the ticket you want to add an attachment to, highlight the whole email and at the end you'll see the Encoded ID in text like this:


    Or as an agent, you can pull the Encoded ID using


    To add something to that ticket from any email, add exactly that text between the [ and ] to the subject of an email: (including brackets): [XXXXXX-XXXX]

    Send an email with the attachment you want to your zendesk email and paste the WHOLE encoded ID including the [] brackets into the SUBJECT of the email (anywhere in the subject) 
    Et voila! The comment and attachment should show!

    Again -- this can be used in a malicious manner so keep that in mind.




  • Steven Aranaga

    So, to understand - if we get them to put that ANYWHERE in the email - subject or body - Zendesk uses that simply to match it to an existing email?


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