Creating a custom attribute to filter the underlying data with a 95% distribution

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  • Gab
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    Hi Robert,

    It appears that, unfortunately, it is currently not possible to build a single attribute or a single metric that could pull up tickets within the standard deviation. I made some tests with custom metrics and attributes using a similar formula as yours, and I found that the results do not seem to align when you drill into the values. You'll be able to show the value of standard deviation from the pool of data if you use the aggregator STD_DEV with the metric, but it looks like STD_DEV has limited applications within Explore at this time compared to other aggregators.

    Have you tried exploring using fixed calculated metrics to show the range of normal distribution? Maybe you can try using two fixed metrics to calculate: 1) Average FRT minus 2 standard deviations; and, 2) Average FRT plus 2 standard deviations. You can then reference these fixed metrics in another custom metric or a standard calculated attribute in the query. We could not guarantee that this would work for your use case, but it may be worth exploring.

    Sorry again if Explore falls short when it comes to calculations involving standard deviations. Hopefully, in future releases, Explore would allow for more applications for STD_DEV in queries.

    Thank you, Robert!


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