Is it possible to post multiple pieces of information into the filter field at once?

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  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Breanne I'm afraid not. That said, if you already have the 50 ticket IDs in a spreadsheet, one thing you could consider would be to create a Standard Calculated Attribute where the formula looks something like the below to filter your report off of:

    IF ([Ticket ID] = 123
    OR [Ticket ID] = 456
    OR [Ticket ID] = 789)

    I then did something like the following to automatically populate the formula based on the analysis I had completed in Google Sheets. Here's an example of what that looked like:

    Of course, if the Ticket IDs aren't already in a spreadsheet, this workaround may not be a great option for you, but I wanted to share it as it has definitely saved me some time when running deeper analysis on tickets.


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