Zendesk Education Customer Meetup?


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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Sam! 

    I removed your email address from your post just so that it doesn't end up on any spam lists, this being a public forum and all. But, I do want to offer to help you put this together!

    I know we have several folks who work in Education and EdTech who have expressed an interest in having a little virtual user group as well, and we would be happy to help coordinate this. We'll help spread the word and see if we can't get some additional users set up to all get together and chat. Great idea!

    If anyone else is interested, please just comment on this thread, and we'll get you in touch. 

    cc: @..., @...

  • Litza Rivera



  • Drew Frey
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Sam Johnson and Litza Rivera!

    We actually just launched User Groups earlier this month and are always keeping an eye out for new chapters to open. Be sure to 'Suggest A Chapter' so we can keep an eye on how many others are interested in Education groups. We like to know that there's enough interest in the group before finding a User Group Leading and launching. 

    Speaking of...

    If you're interested in leading the Education User Group chapter, you can learn more about becoming a Group Leader here


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