Knowledge Capture Reporting Needs Improvement: Should Reflect Actual Knowledge Capture App Usage

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    Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    I understand that filtering out the KC link events only would make your reporting cleaner and more useful for the use cases you mentioned. We will be looking into this problem and I'll update this thread once we have a planned solution for the dataset update.


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks again for sharing this detailed feedback Lila!

    I'll pass this information along to the appropriate team :)


  • Jacqi Jordan

    We are also running into this issue. We need to be able to track the usage of the Knowledge Capture App specifically since it provides an option for our customers to close a ticket while visiting the articles themselves. Adding a link to an article does not provide this functionality. Without breaking out the stats between the Knowledge Capture App and simply pasting a link, how can we track and coach our agents to use the KB appropriately?

    When will the differentiation between the true Knowledge Capture App vs. simply adding a link to a ticket response be broken out?

  • Rafael Franca Silverio

    We agreed with Lila.


    Our report follows:


    We are creating a report using the Knowledge Capture application events to identify the article indications.

    However, we find an occurrence:

    The event used adds indication actions when using the "Link article" option of the Knowledge Capture application, and also when the analyst copies and pastes the article url from the Zendesk Help Center.

    Our problem is that many analysts have macros that contain an article url from the Zendesk Help Center to finalize service with guidelines but not to resolve through an Help Center article. Thus, the numbers will be impacted with indications that should not be counted.

    Therefore, we suggest distinguishing the events of the Knowledge Capture application when the "Link article" option is used and when inserting the url of an article in another way.

  • Allison Sargent

    yup! i 1000% agree with te above comments! Same issue over here - we can't measure agent engagement with the KC app since it counts the time's agents link articles - I like to know that metric, but maybe it can be a separate field to monitor along with the agent's usage of the KC app. 

    We also have articles links in macros. 

  • Fred Thomas

    I have a bit of a different use case. We actually appreciate that any article links our agent inserts in a ticket are counted. What we would like to see is that articles linked via a chat session are counted as well. Our comms with customers is overwhelmingly chat-based, I want to get better visibility into the articles being sent to customers via Chat.

  • Ryan Boyer

    I also agree. In our instance, we have several teams that put links to articles into macros to make them quickly available. Currently, there is no way to segment out the linking activity in Knowledge Capture vs. Macros in Explore. This data would be beneficial to have because if we see an article that is being linked a lot in Knowledge Capture, then we could make a Macro to make the process more efficient.

  • Ruben Jimenez

    Have there been any updates or movement on this issue since it was reported? 

    Would love to understand what is being done as a workaround in identifying and reporting on urls linked in tickets outside of the Knowledge Capture app.  

  • Joanna Woroniecka


    Are there any updates on this matter?

    It seems that current Zendesk reporting is counting all the links inserted to the ticket (so not only links to FAQ articles inserted either via Knowledge Capture App or manually by agents but also any other links).

    It would be really great to be able to monitor FAQ data properly. For now Knowledge Capture reporting seems to be totally unuseful.

  • Morgan King

    If this functionality is updated, please add a filter to allow to target "knowledge capture app only" but still having all linked articles is helpful. In our setup, we would like to know if an article is referenced at all, regardless if it was through the knowledge capture or inserted link via a macro or something.

  • Mike Landsman

    Same here - Reports are skewed and unusable!

    Please help!!

  • Jeremy Watkin

    Similarly, I'm finding that KC reports are inaccurate. For example, I had an agent flag at least a dozen articles yesterday but no matter how I slice and dice the reporting, it only says he flagged one. But if I create a separate report based on the knowledge_capture_flagged_article tag, the tally of flagged articles is more accurate. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  • Justin H
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Jeremy, 

    Just made a ticket to investigate this further. Be on the lookout for an email from Zendesk Support.


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