Ability to export filtered list of articles from Manage articles

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  • Carlos Santos

    Why is being able to export a simple list of articles with all its attributes (if not content as well) being discussed for years as if it weren't something that SHOULD exist as a basic core feature? I use API and marketplace apps for unusual stuff, generally very specific to my needs. I shouldn't need to use them for something that should exist since the guide was first made available. 

  • Ian Morgan

    Not a perfect solution but I have used 'Zendesk Explore' to create a list of all the articles in a table showing categories and sections and then export them to a spreadsheet. Unfortunately using the standard metrics and attributes it only picks up published articles. It would be nice to be able to add the tags, permissions, show unpublished etc.. to the export but I have not investigated this or even if it is possible.

    Perhaps there is a way of creating new Metrics / Attributes to pull extra data from the list?

  • Tammy Groff

    As I review all these comments, it is clear these requests have been sought for quite some time.  In late 2023, are we any closer to having any of these capabilities?

  • Christa Beach

    I would love this feature as well. I am doing a complete review of our articles and want to be able to track in the excel. I am making a list of all articles in excel so I can easily manage priority, due dates, owners, etc.


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