Dates exported to Excel are not a date format

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  • Mitzi Broom

    Hi Marco

    I would say probably best not to create the field as a calculated attribute, but simply include the field as it is. In one of my queries, I have the Ticket Created - Date field in our timesheet reports and although within the query today  appears as 2020-09-07, when the report is scheduled and sent to the support team members in CSV format, the dates appear in the native format and are filterable as Excel dates.

    Good luck!

  • Marco Russian

    Hi Mitzi


    Thanks for your reply, I just tried downloading the csv formatted query, however, it is separated by ; and when opening in excel it still detects commas within quotes, so this is not a viable option for me.

  • Valerie Conlon

    Any news on this issue?  Seems pretty crazy that dates aren't exporting as dates.  I am not using a calculated attribute, just the created date and solved date fields.

  • Allison Ramsey-Henry

    Agreed. The loss of format in Excel reports appears to make it impossible for us to schedule dashboards directly to internal and external stakeholders. Right now it looks like my only option is to download every report that needs to go out, fix the formatting, and then send it to the recipient myself. This is a huge drag time-wise and seems like a big miss considering the scheduled dashboard option.

  • Kai Schmitte

    same issue here - why can't this be seen as date automatically? 


  • Marco Russian

    Yes I agree. I can not understand how this is such a difficult thing to implement.


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