Allow custom fields in Backlog Dataset

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  • Serge Mucibabic

    + 1 for the custom fields to be added in Backlog Dataset. Specifically, filtering reports on specific fields is of essence.

  • Thomas Penrose

    Hi Folks - Another +1 for adding form to this dataset so that we can break out backlogs based on product, that would really help us out. Have we had any movement? I see the last official update was Oct 2021

  • Guilherme Santi Clair Da Silva

    Hi guys!

    That would really important. ZenDesk's proposal for customization ends up not making much sense and we are unable to enjoy ou use this functionality

  • Ulises Soto

    Any update on adding the organization and forms filter? 

  • Hope Saldana

    Would it be possible to add sorting by tags? We want to look at the back log for our Support team, however, we need to exclude the ticket that are "In Development" AKA have a Jira attached. We tag all of these with "in_development_yes." If there was a way to filter these out, that would be awesome. 

  • Colin Hutzan

    Still no organization in this dataset! Please allow it! 

  • Martin Cubitt

    Back in October 2021, the Zendesk Product Manager Clay Turk said, in this thread:

    So, in summary, Explore will not be adding custom fields to the Backlog dataset, but we will add two additional attributes for Ticket Form and Organisation in the coming months.

    That was almost 2 years ago, is there any update from Zendesk as to when Form and Organisation will be added?


  • Stephen


    Any update on including Organisation / Ticket Form in the dataset as filter options? It was mentioned close to 2 years ago that they would be available in the coming months.

    I appreciate that for performance reasons storing all of the custom fields is not possible - does this extend to Tags? At least having the ability to filter on tags would probably give Admins a bit more to work with, as Zendesk encourages their usage so heavily.

  • Sierra Collins

    Zendesk team, The custom field is crucial for backlog. To give you a use case, we are needing to report on previous month's tickets, as they were as of the end of the month(the status as of end of previous month). We are grouping these by category type, which is a custom field. 

    I cannot get the correct ticket count, with the status these tickets were in previous month using Tickets or Update History Dataset. Only the backlog dataset would give me this, but I cant filter this by the category types. 


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