[Explore] Enter Financial Quarters or Years


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  • Amy Spagnolo

    Following this one! We also use Financial year and doing Explore dashboards and schedule reports is a complete nightmare right now!

  • Mitchell Lewsey

    Amy Spagnolo

    Hey Amy, I just thought I'd share a solution. You can use the following:


    FISCAL_YEAR(_date,_start_month) or FISCAL_QUARTER(_date,_start_month) to create custom attributes e.g. FISCAL_QUARTER([Ticket created - Date],"April") will start Q1 with April. You can then add the same for FISCAL_YEAR. You can then do the same for ticket solved, ticket updated etc.

    More info here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408834558746-Explore-functions-reference

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for taking the time to share this Mitchell Lewsey!

  • Mitchell Lewsey

    Brett Bowser credit goes to Gavin and your tier 3 who helped!


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