Managing agent chat availability.


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for providing your feedback. I checked your account and noticed that you are currently not using agent workspace but the legacy top bar Chat app.

    Have you considered moving to agent workspace? The agent workspace experience has a different status selector and logic, it may resolve the issue of the status change not being as visible to your agents.

    In terms of monitoring, you can look at upgrading to the Enterprise plan to use the Real Time Monitor dashboard. This will show you in real time the number of agents who are online and the queue stats. It also allows access to the real time APIs if you want to create your own custom implementation/dashboard or use one of our 3rd party dashboard partners like Geckoboard: 

    If you want to try this feature out before you buy the higher plan, reach out to our support and ask for a temporary boost to Chat Enterprise so you can see if that feature would benefit you/your team. 

    If you don't want to move to agent workspace, one setting to check for the Chat app is that it signs in on load:

    You have operating hours enabled on the account, so you might want to train your agents on what to do when they see the notification that operating hours has started and that they need to go online.

    Hope some of those options help you out,



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