Ticket tabs on new Agent Workspace interface

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    Mo Rizvi
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hello everyone!
    I'm Mo, Senior Product Manager at Zendesk.
    Thank you for raising this and telling us where are the pain points in Agent Workspace that need to be resolved. We do have plans around improving the ticket tabs and it is thanks to feedback like yours!
    We'd love to hear more about this or any additional feedback live. Please join us Thursday, October 13th at 11 AM CST for our PM Roundtable on Agent Workspace. Come discuss with us on what is and isn’t working with recent UI changes, your product experiences, and share your feedback directly with the product team.
    The link to register can be found here. Please note: If you're having trouble signing up, you may need to create a login for usergroups. Thanks!
  • Tommy (Anatolii Binkovskyi)

    Yes, we definitely need to display subject there

  • Mark Gutiérrez

    Very much agree, at least make the old view with Subject header a toggleable option; the blanket assumption of "this will make sense for everyone's workflow" was clearly off-base with this much pushback being voiced. 

  • Meeri Saksman

    Subject needed, this is making our agent's work harder compared to the old interface.


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